Systematic work environment

Systematic work environment in the workplace

A systematic work environment describes how the work environment work takes place in everyday life at the workplace and applies to all employers.

Prerequisites for Systematic work environment

  • Collaboration at all levels in the organization
  • Knowledge of laws, agreements and rules for the work environment
  • Distribution of tasks for who does what
  • Routines for how the work environment work is done


Do we have the right conditions for a functioning systematic work environment work, with regard to collaboration, knowledge, division of tasks and routines?

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The employer is responsible for the systematic work environment and is also ultimately responsible for the work environment at the workplace. The manager represents the employer and the safety representative represents the employees.

The manager and the safety representative have important roles in the work for a good working environment. The employees are involved in the everyday work. Together, they form a working group that can plan and draws up guidelines for how the systematic work environment work should be carried out in the workplace.

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