Solar Panel roof Guide

Installing an integrated solar panel roof has become very popular among private individuals, especially as the prices of solar panels have generally fallen sharply in recent years.

Solar power is natural & free energy. If we can make the most out of the daylight that would be great for nature. Using solar panels, Solar power banks & other solar energy products can make the globe much greener.

In this article, you will get more information about what different solar panel roofs (also called solar roofs) are and what you should think about.

What is a solar panel roof?

A solar panel roof is a roof with built-in solar panels in the roof tiles. By installing a sunroof, you can produce your own solar without it being visible that you have a solar panel system on the roof. Many people choose this solution as it is more aesthetically pleasing.

However, this is a new technical solution that currently gives a smaller effect than a regular photovoltaic system, at the same time as it is more expensive. However, it can be a good solution if you still have to change the property’s roof and at the same time want to install solar panels.

Different types of solar panel roofs

A lot of solar modules are designed and developed so that they have a more aesthetic appearance that appeals to property owners. Today, there are several different solutions for integrating solar panels with roofing.

Also, you need to think about solar batteries to store the power. Solar batteries store energy efficiently. Mostly, Lithium batteries are best for this purpose.

Below you can read more about the different types of solar panel roofs that are available right now.

Solar panels integrated in roof tiles

Among other things, you can choose solar panels that are integrated in roof tiles, which means that your roof has a look that is similar to a normal roof with brick roof tiles, with the difference that a roof tile has an integrated solar panel that produces electricity.

This means two things, firstly that you can use the entire roof surface to produce electricity but also that you can install roof tiles with integrated solar panels on part of the roof surface and then cover the rest of the roof surface with ordinary roof tiles with the same appearance.

This gives your roof a uniform appearance that makes it difficult to see that it hides a complete photovoltaic system.

Solar panels integrated in roofing sheet

If you prefer to use sheet metal for your property, there are also roofing sheets that have integrated solar panels, which means that your roof gets a look that is very similar to a regular sheet metal roof. By integrating thin-film solar panels in sheet metal, you can obtain a very nice sheet metal roof that produces green electricity.

This means that you do not need to calculate how many square meters are needed to install solar panels with fixed dimensions, as roofing sheets with integrated solar panels can be obtained in different dimensions so that they fit a roof side exactly. This means that you can use the entire roof side with the best latitude to install solar panels.

Solar panels integrated in glass boilers

Although glass boilers in many ways have the same appearance as ordinary tiles, glass boilers work expanelently to integrate solar panels in when you get a good effect per square meter. This is possible thanks to the shape of the glass boilers, which is wavy, and which makes the solar radiation reflect even better on the roof.

Solar panels as roofing

As previously mentioned, the development of solar panels is progressing by large steps, which has also meant that solar panels have been developed that both capture solar energy to produce green electricity but also function as roofing.

These solar panels are made of tempered glass and are placed symmetrically over the roof so that it is not possible to see a difference from an ordinary roof, at least from a distance. 

Tesla Solar Roof 

The electric car manufacturer Tesla also sells sunroofs and the product goes by the name Solar Roof. These solar panels are integrated directly into the roof tiles and replace your regular roof with solar panels that generate free electricity for your house. 

The difference between ordinary solar panels & sunroofs

At present, you get the most out of traditional solar panels, so if you are looking to produce maximum electricity and do not care so much about aesthetics, ordinary solar panels are the best option. A traditional photovoltaic system is attached to a stand on the existing roof layer.

If, on the other hand, you are in need of changing the roof layer or building a new house, integrated solar panels can be a cheaper alternative as you avoid the cost of a new roof layer and for a solar panel system.

The power you get from integrated solar panels is not yet as high as for traditional solar panels. This does not mean that an investment in integrated solar panels will be less profitable just because you do not get the maximum effect from your solar panel system.

To install a traditional photovoltaic system on your roof, you get help from a photovoltaic company that handles the entire installation. If you instead choose a roof covering that consists of tiles, glass tiles or sheet metal, the installation of your photovoltaic system often becomes more complex.

Craftsmen in various professional categories are often needed, such as certified photovoltaic systems, electricians and roofers. In some cases, this may mean that the installation is not as fast and smooth as with an installation of traditional solar panels, but also that it can be a more expensive solution in the long run.

Price for solar panel roof

A solar panel roof often costs almost double if you compare it with a traditional facility. The price of a solar panel roof is determined by several factors, as it is not just the cost of the solar panels themselves that must be taken into account.

To install a solar panel roof, a complete roof renovation is often needed and this cost is on top of the cost of the solar panels themselves.

In order to give you the correct price for a solar panel roof, the installer usually needs to make a home visit, where they will carefully inspect the conditions for installing roof-integrated solar panels.

The price of your installation will be determined by, among other things:

  • How the roof is constructed – chimney, ventilation pipes, windows etc.
  • The condition of the suspended ceiling
  • What a slope the roof has
  • How much of the roof should be covered with solar panels
  • What kind of material should the rest of the roof be built in (the part that is not covered by solar panels)

Frequently asked questions about solar panel roofs

Below we answer the most common questions we get linked to integrated solar panel roofs.

Should I choose regular solar panels or solar panel roofs?

A solar panel roof usually costs twice as much as ordinary solar panels and has a worse effect. If, on the other hand, you are going to renovate or change your roof completely, it can be a good idea to hit two birds with one stone and change to an integrated solar panel roof.

Do you need a building permit to install solar panel roofs?

A building permit is usually required when integrating solar panels into your roof or facade material. You can read more about what applies in our article on building permits for solar panels.

Is a solar panel roof a profitable investment?

Installing a solar panel roof can be a profitable investment in the long run, but this type of solar panel has a much longer payback period than ordinary solar panels. This is because the power per square meter is much lower, while the cost is higher compared to traditional solar panels.