Sir Walter Turf: Is it the best choice for your Lawn?

Sir Walter is the premium and most versatile type of lawn turf among those available in the market currently. This turf is perfect for garden beds, courtyards or pools, and residential yards.

Sir Walter grass is the best choice for many reasons. The advantages include – its great drought tolerance, it’s non-allergic, has a self-repairing growth habit, and so on.

In this article, we are presenting you the following three key reasons that justify this turf as the best choice –

  1. Enhances your property’s look and value
  2. Performs well in any Australian Climate
  3. Low maintenance

Sir Walter turf is luscious and green, thus giving you a beautiful looking lawn.

  1. Enhances your property’s look and value

Now-a-days, property buyers are increasingly paying close attention to the leisure and recreation options available in the property. Landscapers, architects, and house renovators consider Sir Walter lawn to be the greatest lawn for upgrading any outside space. Sir Walter grass is an excellent choice of enhancement for townhouses or front lawns, big backyards, or manicured spaces. The brilliant green and smooth blades of Sir Walter grass will entice home buyers and renters. So, they will be more inclined to envision a healthy and happy existence in a home with lush lawn. Your initial investment in grass will eventually pay for itself as the lavish lawn can increase the value of your home when you decide to sell it.

  • Performs well in any Australian Climate

Spending time outside has several health benefits. This includes inhaling fresh air, giving your mind and eyes a rest from starring at screens, and obtaining Vitamin D from the sun.

A good lawn provides a welcoming outdoor space for play and relaxation.

Sir Walter turf is a popular choice among homeowners since it requires low maintenance and can withstand any Australian climate. Sir Walter grass performs well in full sun or shade, means, it is shade tolerant, drought resistant, and evergreen, making it ideal for year-round outdoor enjoyment.

  • Low maintenance

Due to its low care needs, Sir Walter grass is a popular option in Melbourne and around Australia. Because this grass type can develop deep root systems with little water, it may flourish in hot weather without drying up.

It is suggested to water this grass regularly and mow the grass to a length of 4-6cm to ensure the long-lasting beauty of the lawn.

Because of these reasons, rather advantages, it is ideal to choose to buy Sir Walter Turf.

Get an expert to lay Sir Walter grass according to suggested recommendations. This ensures you to build a great foundation for a long-lasting, and beautiful lawn.