Retirement villages – your ticket to freedom

Freedom is a seductive thought, and it’s one of the biggest benefits that arrives when you retire. Freedom from the drudgery of work, freedom from the clock, freedom to do what you please, go where you want and spend your time exactly as you choose. And freedom of choice to choose your living situation.

You have options, including living with family, living independently or moving to a retirement village. They all come with plenty of upside, but if you’re seeking freedom, retirement village living is definitely the way to go. Here’s how a retirement village is your ultimate ticket to freedom.

Freedom from household and garden chores

Let’s face it, nobody really likes home and yard maintenance and upkeep. It’s a necessary part of life – but it’s inevitably messy, time consuming, expensive, and boring. One of the best things about life in a retirement community is that all those laborious tasks are taken care of for you. That frees you up to spend your time on all the exciting things you’ve been waiting all your life to do, without being bogged down on the mundane aspects of life.

Freedom to travel

The freedom to come and go as you please is an attractive thought, and it’s a reality when you move into a retirement community such as Alumuna ( That’s because your home and garden will be looked after while you’re away – and that gives you great peace of mind when you travel. Because you don’t want to be weighed down by concerns about your home while you’re out enjoying exploring the world. Leave your home in the hands of your retirement community, and just get on with enjoying your life, knowing it will be just as you left it when you get back.

Freedom from security worries

It’s unfortunately very common for older people to feel somewhat vulnerable in their home at times, particularly when living alone or at night. A retirement community gives you freedom from safety worries, as it will provide you with a range of features to help you stay safe and secure – such as gated entries, security cameras and lights and sensors. Plus, you also get the benefits of living amongst a community – making it much harder for intruders to gain entry. Your neighbours will be looking out for you, as you will for them. This also means that help will be close at hand if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer a fall or accident in your house or garden.

Freedom from loneliness and isolation

Retirement living provides in-built community – and that’s one of the best things for the health and wellbeing of retirees. Loneliness and isolation in older people can lead to many unwanted outcomes – such as depression and other mental health issues, physical health

problems, lower quality of life and even a shortened lifespan. It’s a sobering reality that we are made for connection – but our opportunities to connect tend to shrink as we get older. Retirement villages do away with this problem by providing an easily accessible community of potential friends and contacts to socialise with, and that’s a great thing. Now you’re surrounded by like-minded people who you can choose to spend as much or little time with as you like. Retirement living buffers the problems of loneliness as we age, and this equates to better health and wellbeing.

Freedom to try new things

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you live in your own home, and continue to do the same things you’ve always done before you retired. We tend to stick to our comfort zones where possible, and to gravitate towards the familiar. However, this means you’re likely to miss out on activities you may have never considered trying, friends you may never have met, or other ways of doing things. One of the great things about retirement living is that it broadens your horizons and frees you from the constraints of the usual.

Most retirement facilities offer plenty of chances to visit new places and try new things, with a range of on-site and off-site activities, outings and entertainment options. You’ll get to try new things, expand your mind and learn something different – and you may just discover a new activity or hobby you absolutely love! As well, new experiences improve the cognitive functioning of your brain – a big plus as you get older.

So, if you’re seeking freedom in retirement, your best bet is to find a great retirement community where you’re free to live the life you choose – such as this one: