Prevent fatigue and stress

Stress in itself is not dangerous. Our body is created to be able to handle short periods of stress. It is when stress becomes a normal state that it becomes dangerous. Here I tell you about the important recovery and how to get it.

Stress is a common thing. Especially, Young moms with bubs often feel stress. Sometimes aged people feel the same.

Regular recovery to reduce stress

In order for stress to not be harmful, you need regular recovery. In our modern information society, we need to plan recovery time in the same way we plan other activities. Also, think about what it is that really gives you recovery. Below are some tips.

Here are some tips for Stomache ache relaxation.

Tips for recovery and to prevent stress and fatigue

  • Prioritize your sleep –  Sleep is our primary source of recovery. Physically, sleep means that the body unwinds, the immune system is strengthened and the level of stress hormone drops. When we sleep, the brain processes and stores new knowledge.
  • Staying in nature –  Walk, work in the garden or perform other outdoor activities. In nature, our senses are stimulated in a calm way that provides recovery, strengthened memory and increased ability to concentrate.
  • Be physically active –  Physical activity is good for well-being in general. Physical activity cleanses the body of stress hormones, so if you are stressed, it is good to get cardio. In the case of fatigue syndrome, on the other hand, the physical exercise should not be tough, it stresses the body and thus has the opposite effect. Yoga, pilates and Qi Gong can then be good alternatives.
  • Take a digital break –  Take a break from screens and social media and make yourself unreachable to the environment. Put the phone in flight mode, silent or why not turn it off completely for a while? Many people use the mobile phone to relax, but when you use the mobile phone, the brain is exposed to more impressions, which has the opposite effect.
  • Practice Mindfulness –  Being present in the moment no matter what activity you perform contributes to well-being. Sensual experiences often help us to be more present. Walk barefoot in the sand, bake bread, take a dip in the sea or listen to music. Creative activities and needlework can also function as recovery, as long as it is the “doing” that is in focus and not performance and results.