Paving stones for Driveway

Laying paving stones in the driveway is a rewarding home project and means that you get a much more elegant outdoor design than if you have single or gravel on your driveway. 

However, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing materials and planning for this project. In this article, we cover the most important things to keep in mind when making a driveway of paving stones.

Choose the right paving stone driveway

There are a lot of different types of paving stones that are suitable for the driveway and these include tumbled and unpaved paving stones as well as various forms of granite and concrete slabs. Regardless of the type of paving stone you choose for your driveway, we recommend that you choose as large tiles as possible; it will be easier to lay in the end and in addition, the car tires do not need to take more damage than necessary when you drive over the edges of the paving stone.

In addition to the size of the tiles, it is important that you buy paving stones that are as thick as possible; the paving stone driveway must be at least 7 cm thick. 

A good alternative to paving stones is triangular paving stones that are designed for heavy traffic.

Curbstones – an absolute must

Many people make the mistake of adding good paving stones to the driveway itself, but skimp or forget to lock the sides with special edge blocks. The result of this can be that the stones start to move when you turn the car over the driveway. The edge blocks must be higher than the paving stones themselves, so these lock in what you have placed on the driveway.

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The right sub-material and the right packing of this

The key to a successful result of stone on the driveway usually lies in what you do not actually see in the end result, namely the sub-material and how this has been packed before you lay the paving stone on top. Once you have excavated the area where the paving stone is to be laid (as flat as possible, of course), rock crushers (or stone crushers as it is also called) are laid as a base. 

This is especially important when it comes to driveways where vehicles are to be driven or parked and for these, the layer of crushers must reach at least 20 cm, otherwise there is a risk that the stones will settle and that the driveway will not be stable.

You can buy rock crushers from most dealers of paving stones, but this is something that should be delivered to your home due to the weight and can advantageously be bought online for home delivery.