The ultimate guide to Aspenstone pavers

Your design choices make a statement, and the right ones can create high interest and visual appeal in any space.

When it comes to paving your outdoor area, you have plenty of design choices. First, you have a choice of paving material – such as concrete, stone, or brick – and once you make your choice, you then have to decide from the wide variety of options available. And when it comes to options, concrete pavers have the widest range of colour, texture, style and finish options to choose from, giving you almost endless choices for your outdoor area.

Concrete pavers can be used to add a great deal of interest and appeal to your area. Their potential for different designs, patterns, colours, shapes, styles, textures and finishes allows you to create a space that’s uniquely interesting.

They can set the tone for a space, create focal points that you can design around and add a hefty dose of class to your outdoor area. And as they come in so many diverse variations, they can tone with or complement any colour scheme, style or décor. They are the ultimate in versatility, and can be used in a wide variety of applications, including courtyards, outdoor areas, pool surrounds, esplanades and boulevards, paths, stairs, stepping stones, walls and water features, to name just a few.

So, how do you choose from amongst the seemingly unlimited options with concrete pavers? Well, it does depend on the colour scheme, look and style of the area you want to create, but if you’re looking for a versatile and sophisticated ground coverage choice for your outdoor area, look no further than Aspenstone concrete pavers. They’re the ideal way to make your area memorable, usable, and appealing to look at. Here’s everything you need to know about these stars of the paving world.

What are Aspenstone concrete pavers?

Aspenstone pavers are large, striking rectangular pavers with a unique appearance. These attractive pavers deliver a washed appearance, rather like that of fine stone worn smooth by the passage of time. They give a timeless and classic feel to any outdoor area, with stunning natural colour and texture that creates instant visual impact. Aspenstone concrete pavers are specifically designed to emulate the traditional colour and feel of stone, with the flexibility and durability of concrete masonry. Using these warm and sophisticated pavers, you can create old-world charm or a smart contemporary look, an elegant Mediterranean style or a charming rustic feel. Whatever style you’re going for, Aspenstone pavers will add a delightful ambience to your outdoor area, with a pleasing aesthetic that’s hard to ignore.

Where can you use Aspenstone pavers?

Concrete Aspenstone pavers are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, and are recommended for:

  • Pedestrian use
  • Light vehicle use (driveways that are used by domestic light vehicles under 3 tonnes)
  • Pool surrounds
  • Steps, stepping stones and paths
  • Garden borders and edging
  • Patios and courtyards
  • Balconies
  • Water features

What are the advantages of Aspenstone pavers?

As well as being versatile, diverse and visually appealing (as mentioned above), Aspenstone pavers come with even more upside.

They are easy to install

Aspenstone concrete pavers are easier to handle and install than other paving materials, and installing them can be a DIY job, making it cheaper. They are consistent in shape also, which makes for minimal laying time and makes it easier to maintain the dimensions.

They are tough and durable

Aspenstone pavers might look elegant and sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean you need to baby them. Actually, Aspenstone concrete pavers are extremely tough and durable, and can easily handle harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic – without losing their good looks. They are resistant to stains and spills, and will last a long time with minimal care.

They require minimal maintenance

Speaking of minimal care – Aspenstone pavers are the ultimate in low maintenance flooring. They require minimal maintenance to stay looking good, and will just need the occasional sweeping to remove debris or a light acid wash to remove stains. They will need to be sealed once they have been installed, and may need to be re-sealed every now and then to prevent fading or staining.

They are safe and non-slip

A surface paved with Aspenstone concrete pavers is safe for use by children, adults and pets. They are secure and non-slip, and can even be used safely around pools and water features; whereas other paving products, such as stone, bricks and poured concrete, can be slippery when wet. They are cooler to the touch in sunlight than other products too, making them safe to use year-round.

Aspenstone pavers will add style, elegance, class and charm to any area, and will help create a unique, interesting and lovely space with high visual appeal to enjoy.

Have a look at a high-quality range of crafted Aspenstone concrete pavers here, which come in bluestone, buttermilk, cappuccino and vanilla tones, and can be cut to either standard and bullnose dimensions.